Can I use outdoor basketball to play indoors?

Can I use outdoor basketball to play indoors?

Basketball is my favorite game. From witnessing a ridiculous dunk by our foe to the feeling of total triumphal fulfillment after a last second three-point shot, we all remember the amazing moments from this awesome game. Then there’s the smell of a newly bought basketball; there’s nothing like it, it’s next to the smell of rain in my list.

Does reading all this excite you? Are you a recreational basketball player or a pro? Are you ready to break the sweat and challenge your friends into a game of basketball? Whichever be the case, the first set of action if you want to get back on the court, should be to choose the right ball for the right court!

Can I use outdoor basketball to play indoors

Basketball, Outdoor Game or Indoor Game

As a sport, Basketball is meant to be played indoors. All professional NBA players play the league matches indoors in a set environment with extremely controlled variables. However, the mechanics and rules of the game are all the same if played outside.

Playing outside poses many limitations in the long run that can keep you from moving on to the next stage and being counted within the pros. For recreational purposes, however, outside basketball court serves their purpose well!

Types and Composition of Basketballs

Outdoor Basketballs

·        Materials

The court surface outside is usually concrete or asphalt. For playing on these rough and hard surfaces, the outdoor basketball is typically made from natural rubber or durable composites. The material of natural rubber based ball generally has a grip from the go, but it is rough to the touch.

·        Ball Handling

Reviews suggest that these outdoor balls don’t bounce as well as the indoor counterparts. Moreover, they feel a little heavier than their indoor counterparts.

·        Durability

These outdoor balls are more durable as they’re meant to take the wear and tear of being played on asphalt or concrete. They would generally last longer than the basketballs for indoor, however, on their respective courts; outdoor balls don’t last as long as they’re always put to the test on the hard terrains.

·        Price

It is the part where outdoor basketballs offer the most to this sport. As all the sports, we have newbies and beginners. Outdoor ball offers the cheapest alternative to the real thing for recreational players. It allows you to replace the ball, once it’s knackered enough. So use it as roughly as you wish and learn the game, you’re covered! Their cost range from, never mind! They’d cost you 20 bucks flat. That’s cheap!

INDOOR Basketballs

·        Materials

Ah, these masterpieces! Their smell, their feel, the essence of playing with these gives you the sensation of being a pro-NBA basketball player. It is made from full-grain leather. Indoor courts are mainly made of hardwood floors. The full-grain leather adjusts well with hardwood floors, as the surface is very forgiving both to your knees and the ball. The material is also especially sweat-absorbent, making the ball more sticky than slippery when your palms sweat.

·        Ball Handling

The leather indoor basketballs are notorious for being super rough and horrendous to use. Players have first to spend time breaking into the leather, like most other leather materials. If you play daily, it should take around two months to get the full potential handling of this ball.

However, if you play occasionally, it can take anywhere from six months to a year. Once you break into the leather, this ball is the most consistent and gives the most precise bounces. You’ll love it. It’s hard to come back to the outdoor courts once you experience the best indoor basketball with these leather masterpieces.

·        Durability

These balls are very durable and would last you for a long time if used with given precautions. It’s meant for indoors on hardwood floors, so don’t make the mistake of playing outdoors with it as it will wear out very fast and you’ll end up running your bank dry in the long run.

·        Price

Nothing good comes without a price. It’s expensive as something like this is usually touched by passionate pro players who desire quality above all. Their cost ranges from $100-$150.

Can I use outdoor basketball to play indoor

Indoor vs. Outdoor Basketball

Less experienced players might not gauge the difference, but indoor and outdoor basketball is entirely different concerning gameplay feel and consistency. The feel and most importantly, the bounce is different in each mode of play.

Indoor basketball has a wooden floor with the leather ball, while outdoor basketball has concrete or asphalt court with a rubber ball. We believe that an outdoor basketball would flop in the indoor settings and vice-versa.

However, if you’re still going to go for the mix, an outdoor basketball is reasonable to play inside, impacting only the quality of the game without costing harming you or the ball. An indoor ball, on the other hand, should not be used outdoor at any cost, it gets worn out pretty fast, and then you’ll have to buy a new one which is already costly enough.

The Solution, Outdoor/Indoor All Surface Basketballs

·        Materials

This mix of indoor and outdoor basketball has a relatively higher leather feeling with artificial leather, which is fake leather. It’s a bit lower quality leather compared to the real one but is a way better alternative to rubber.

·        Ball Handling

It doesn’t have sticky grips and is a bit smoother so leaves your hand nice and even when you’re taking the shot. You have the protection against sweat moisture with this artificial leather, too. It doesn’t slip from your hands and dribbles impressive with consistent control.

·        Durability

If you’re using this for indoors only, it doesn’t show much difference regarding durability compared to the pure leather indoor basketballs. However, for outdoors, it’s less durable than the outdoor balls made of natural rubber.

·        Price

The price is very reasonable and lies in the perfect mark of $40-$90. Both professionals and recreational players can use something like this. It provides you with the best bang for your buck.

Can I use outdoor basketball to play indoors -

Which Basketball Should You Choose to Play Indoors?

If you’ve read the article thoroughly, this question should make more sense to you. Basketballs are made for specific courts with specific materials and particular players. It’s very much possible to play with an outdoor basketball indoors. However, even you’d say now that it’s not generally recommended.

An outdoor rubber basketball has a cheaper feeling and shows inconsistency while an indoor leather-based basketball cannot be used outside, is costly and takes a lot of time to break in. We recommend the all-surface indoor/outdoor basketballs if your use isn’t limited to one court type.

Use it indoors, outdoors, get the benefit of an indoor leather ball with the durability close to an outdoor rubber ball and enjoy your time! May the hoops feel close and the ball, consistent! May your opponents lay low and your team, coherent. We wish you the best of luck in your next game!

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